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Introducing the new Nokia Lumia 925


More than your eyes can see…

Best photos in low-light…

View Specifications HERE


VerizonWireless in the US customers will finally have one great phone in their mobile line up. Meet the Lumia 928

Full specifications HERE

Here’s a sample video of its 3 High Dynamic Range microphones (HAAC) and OIS video recording in action

Nokia just announced the Nokia 808 PureView, today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain.

“The Nokia PureView Pro comes is equipped with an even larger sensor, 1/1.2” approximately 2.5 larger than the sensor used in the Nokia N8. The result is an even larger area to collect photons of light. With PureView we’re continuing to make choices focused on performance rather than pixels for pixels’ sake. Fewer but better pixels can provide not just better image and video quality, but better overall user experience and system capability..” – Nokia White Paper


White Nokia 808 PureView

White Nokia 808 PureView

I’m definitely getting me one of these 🙂