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Ello is the latest social media to stand-up against the Goliath Facebook. Have you got your invite yet?

Here’s a shout out to I’m curious to experience what Ello offers, and how it differs from Facebook, or other social media sites. Send me an invite 🙂

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Firmware version 40.2012-21.3 is PR1.3 for Nokia N9. It is now rolling-up globally. Although, Navifirm still shows only limited number of available countries. The update over the air (OTA) is already available to all.

PR1.3 on Navifirm

Only limited countries available as of this posting..


PR1.3 is available as version 40.2012-21.3

Version 40.2012-21.3 also brings updates to Twitter (1.3.50+0m8), Nokia Store (3.24.010+0m8), Nokia Music (0.4.5-1+0m8), Nokia Link (0.1.2+0m8), Maps (4.2.55+0m8), Facebook (1.3.2+0m8), Drive (2.0.8+0m8), AccuWeather (1.0.19+0m8).

Official changelog from Nokia doesnt say much.

I have yet to see any significant changes. But I can confirm that the much awaited front camera function STILL isn’t there yet!!  WTF, NOKIA!!!!

Nokia Symbian Belle

Nokia Symbian Belle


The mobile community is a-buzz in the past 2 days, when Nokia posted in its Facebook page a teaser countdown for its new product.  There’s a lot of speculations that new mobile phones with Symbian Belle will be introduced very soon.  In less than one-and-a-half hours as of this posting, Nokia is launching its new Symbian products… Watch-out for more info very soon! 🙂