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Is the much anticipated release date of the Nokia N9 finally be official on September 15th?  Reading from this Nokia Finnish link, it  appears so.  The link encourages Nokia N9 users to sign up and share their thoughts about their N9 device and win novelty items from Nokia.  Nokia will also give-away a Nokia N9 device, each day, during the campaign’s duration.  The campaign will run in four (4) weeks.

C’mmon , Nokia! Release this sweet device now! 🙂 Otherwise, how can someone share their thoughts about the device that hasn’t been out of the market yet? 😉

Nokia Symbian Belle

Nokia Symbian Belle


The mobile community is a-buzz in the past 2 days, when Nokia posted in its Facebook page a teaser countdown for its new product.  There’s a lot of speculations that new mobile phones with Symbian Belle will be introduced very soon.  In less than one-and-a-half hours as of this posting, Nokia is launching its new Symbian products… Watch-out for more info very soon! 🙂