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Firmware version 40.2012-21.3 is PR1.3 for Nokia N9. It is now rolling-up globally. Although, Navifirm still shows only limited number of available countries. The update over the air (OTA) is already available to all.

PR1.3 on Navifirm

Only limited countries available as of this posting..


PR1.3 is available as version 40.2012-21.3

Version 40.2012-21.3 also brings updates to Twitter (1.3.50+0m8), Nokia Store (3.24.010+0m8), Nokia Music (0.4.5-1+0m8), Nokia Link (0.1.2+0m8), Maps (4.2.55+0m8), Facebook (1.3.2+0m8), Drive (2.0.8+0m8), AccuWeather (1.0.19+0m8).

Official changelog from Nokia doesnt say much.

I have yet to see any significant changes. But I can confirm that the much awaited front camera function STILL isn’t there yet!!  WTF, NOKIA!!!!


Flash Player for Nokia N9

The Nokia N9 gets another treat from Nokia. Adobe FlashPlayer is now available for download at the Nokia Store or you can download it directly from this link (Note: Your Nokia credentials are needed to download). The plug-in currently works only with FireFox web browser for the N9.

Is the Nokia N9 keeps getting better, or what?!? 😀




PR1.2-30.2012.7.1 on NaviFirm+

PR1.2-30.2012.7.1 on NaviFirm+

I am currently downloading DFL61_HARMATTAN_30.2012.07-1_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin for my Nokia N9 via NaviFirm+.  Been waiting for the links to go live for almost 23hrs now… Cleam update time in a few minutes. Can’t wait!

There’s a new firmware for the Nokia N9 via NaviFirm+ 1.6.  It appears it’s specifically for the MEA (Middle East and Africa) units.  This is definitely different from the previous version 22.10.2011.40.4 which is also targetted for the MEA units.


N9 Firmware specifically for MEA units


I don’t have any idea what the changelog is. I’m still waiting for PR1.2 for my Black N9 64GB APAC version units.

PR1.2, anytime now…… 🙂

Here’s a series of Youtube videos from Kurt of Nokia Australia for Nokia N9 would be buyers.  It focuses on four parts:

• Setting up your Nokia N9

• Familiarise yourself with the Nokia N9

• Tips & Tricks on your Nokia N9, and

• Services Available on your Nokia N9






Everyday is torture for me, personally just waiting for the Nokia N9 to become available locally…. Hurry up now, please!! 😀

Is the much anticipated release date of the Nokia N9 finally be official on September 15th?  Reading from this Nokia Finnish link, it  appears so.  The link encourages Nokia N9 users to sign up and share their thoughts about their N9 device and win novelty items from Nokia.  Nokia will also give-away a Nokia N9 device, each day, during the campaign’s duration.  The campaign will run in four (4) weeks.

C’mmon , Nokia! Release this sweet device now! 🙂 Otherwise, how can someone share their thoughts about the device that hasn’t been out of the market yet? 😉

Nokia’s smartphone products has been on the decline (in popularity) since 2009.  Blame that to marketing and the company’s complacency.

Since Nokia announced in February 2011, that its smarphones will adapt the Windows Phone OS, I have been eagerly anticipating what smartphones will come out from the Finnish phone company.  Of course everyone already knows about the Sea Ray, but I’m still looking forward to more ‘Win-Kia’ phones.

Anyways, a lot have already been reported on the net.  At the end of the day, I still want a Nokia phone to replace my old ones… I already am sold to getting the Meego running Nokia N9 – I am getting the Black one and a blue one. But I am also getting me a Windows phone made by Nokia.  It may or may not be the ‘out-ted’ Nokia Sea Ray, but as long as it’s made by Nokia, has a front facing-camera, and a native VOIP/SIP support, I’m sold. 🙂

While waiting for my next Nokia phone, I will kill time watching some ads about my next smartphone…