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Bizarre and hilarious!

“The Power of Touch”

“Fast And Beautiful”

“Work and Play”

… Yet so spot on! 😀



I already ordered the black version of the Microsoft® Touch Mouse.  Although I am not fond of buying white gadgets,  because they get dirty or “discolor” overtime. (I know, I know! White isn’t a color but a shade 😛 )  This white, Artist Edition definitely looks great!! 🙂

Now before any i-Gadget fan out there starts to cry ( read as: ‘troll’), “It’s a copy-cat!”, STOP! Do a search, so you don’t sound like an AppleNut!  Microsoft built touch top mice in R&D several years BEFORE your precious Apple’s Magic Mouse was even released.  It wasn’t until Microsoft started showing external video of the mice to partners, did the ‘Magic Mouse’ magically appear the next year.  Apple’s Magic Mouse doesn’t even conform to basic mouse shape.  It’s poor shape would give you instant carpal tunnel! 😛

So if this is a copy of the Magic Mouse, then it is a copy of itself, as the Magic Mouse is a copy of Microsoft® Multi-Touch Mouse technology!

The Mojave experiment, the "new" Microsoft Operating System

The Mojave experiment, the "new" Microsoft Operating System

 MOJAVE pronouced: mə-ˈhä-vē, mō-

  • a member of the North American Indian people formerly living in the Colorado river valley in Arizona and Nevada and California
  • a desert area in southern California and western Arizona
  • Mohave: the Yuman language spoken by the Mohave
  • Codename of Microsoft’s “new” operating system.

Windows Vista, is arguably the most despised (by critics, fan-boys or wannabe’s) operating system Microsoft has developed. In an attempt to re-educate the “mis-informed”, re-vitalize the image of Windows Vista against skeptics and eventually instill acceptance, mostly from Windows XP users who are afraid to migrate due to incompatibility issues brought about by Vista.

On a personal note, I can say I am one of the early adapters of Windows Vista. I was part of the technical BETA testers of the then codenamed, Longhorn operating system.

I never had any problems with Microsoft Vista. All of the programs I use are compatible with it. The only two incompatible hardwares I have are my Linksys WPC54GX and WMP54GX v2 that Vista Ultimate 64-bit version refuses to identify. It is not Microsoft’s fault, though. It’s Linksys’. Linksys, up to now will not come up with 64-bit drivers on Vista and even mostly on Windows XP 64-bit edition.

The most appalling thing is that Linksys support told me that they do not see any reason to release any 64-bit drivers for their adaptors! Hell, even during the BETA stage of Longhorn, Linksys’ official statement was that 64-bit drivers are to be announced soon.

Now this is one concrete example why potential consumers are mis-informed about Windows Vista. They readily blame Microsoft who is not at fault here, rather than pin the blame on the hardware manufacturers that turns a blind eye to its consumers.

If any of you has a working 64-bit driver specifically for these two adapters, please leave a comment. You may also help Microsoft by informing working or non-working hardware/software by visiting the Windows Compatibility Center 🙂

I’m sure some of you may react negatively to this as my attempt to promote Windows Vista – I don’t care 😛 What I know is that, Microsoft does its best to reach out to its consumers.

I’m proud to have partaken in its early stages of developtment. I am proud of that opportunity.

Windows 7 Video

Posted: May 14, 2008 in Windows
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Someone posted the upcoming version of Windows Operating system in YouTube. Check out for yourself!