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Symbian Belle widgets are live, free-form and resizable, meaning commonly used widgets like clock, e-mail, music player, favorite contacts and the calendar come in several dimensions and have the ability of being resized. Up until Symbian Anna, you are only allowed to have three home screens, Belle raises that number to six.

Existing phones, like the Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7, E6 and 500 will receive their Belle update. New Symbian^3 devices coming out of Espoo, will ship with Symbian^3 Belle out of the box.


Symbian^3 Belle Phones, Nokia 600, Nokia 700 & Nokia 701


The countdown isn’t done yet for Nokia’s latest product launch. BUT, it’s all out now.  Nokia officially launches Symbian^3 Belle!

Symbian^3 Belle is the latest Symbian^3 upgrade that lets you customize widgets on your smart phones. These widgets are live, free-form and resizable.

Nokia also officially released three new Symbian^3 Belle equipped smartphones, the Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701

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The New Nokia Symbian^3 Belle:


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Nokia 600: Nokia 600 has been built with music in mind. From the incredible FM radio to the MP3 player, the Scratch It DJ app to the loud speaker-system and 60 hours of potential music playback – Nokia 600 will keep you and your friends fully entertained. (Specs Sheet)


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Nokia 700: Nokia 700 is our smallest smartphone. But don’t be fooled – it still packs a big punch. Elegant and stylish, but with a scratch-resistant and smudge-free screen, it’s designed to stay looking good whether it’s carried in your clutch bag or your pocket. (Specs Sheet)


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Nokia 701: Nokia 701 benefits from sophisticated and timeless design, enhanced by the very best materials. A clear black Gorilla glass display delivers the sharpest pictures, and satin-texture stainless steel provides stylish strength – maintaining Nokia 701’s understated cool. (Specs Sheet)