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Nokia Suite Data Package Manager

Nokia Suite Data Package Manager

And so my fear of Microsoft, taking over Nokia Mobile’s support site and us tinkerers would soon not be able to download the Lumia firmware for our devices via this trick, has come today.

I wanted to download a firmware for my Lumia 1320, which I gave to my Mum. Alas! No packages were available. So I tried downloading for my Lumia 1520. The result was the same, “Found 0 variant package(s) “. The same thing for my Lumia 1020 and 920.

Our only way to get the firmware of our Lumia is via the Nokia Software Recovery Tool, which is such a bummer because it only downloads the firmware specific for our Lumia’s product code. De-branding our Lumia’s now gets a little harder than usual. 😦

Is this the end of the line for us tinkerers who have the affinity to de-brand our Lumia phones? I hope not…


The Windows Phone cyan firmware for the Nokia Lumia 1320 is now available for download via OTA.

Cyan firmware update for the Lumia 1320

Cyan firmware update for the Lumia 1320

Lumia Cyan 1320 'About'

Lumia Cyan 1320 ‘About’

As usual if your phone is running Windows Phone 8.1 Developers Preview, you will have to downgrade to 8.0, also known as the Black firmware, to be able to update to the official Cyan version OTA. You need the latest version of the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to downgrade your phone. The latest version is 1.4.3 which you can download directly from HERE.