Adobe FlashPlayer comes to the Nokia N9

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Home, Meego, Mobile Phones
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Flash Player for Nokia N9

The Nokia N9 gets another treat from Nokia. Adobe FlashPlayer is now available for download at the Nokia Store or you can download it directly from this link (Note: Your Nokia credentials are needed to download). The plug-in currently works only with FireFox web browser for the N9.

Is the Nokia N9 keeps getting better, or what?!? 😀




  1. ben says:

    is it just me but i have firefox and flashplayer downloaded but dont seek to be able to play flash. is there something i have to activate or do?

    • BlinkThinks says:

      I did not do anything special. It works in my Nokia N9’s. There is a firefox mobile extension called Phony with selectable user agents. Just go to the extension screen of firefox mobile and search for it and install it.

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