Major Camera update for Nokia N8 is out! (Sort of…)

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Home, Mobile Phones, Tech News
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Nokia N8

Good news to Nokia N8 users who have just udgraded their phones to Symbian Anna. A major update for your cameras is now available at the Nokia BETA Labs.

Nokia Conversations just confirmed that a major update for the Nokia N8’s camera is already out.

Here are the major improvements included in the major update:

  • Ability to record video at closer distances
  • Smoother video of moving subjects or when panning
  • Faster access to scene modes, especially close-up mode
  • Exposure control in video
  • Viewfinder grid not effected by scene modes, camera exit/reopening
  • Smoother zoom
  • Settings accessed through one control point
  • Red-eye reduction performance improvements

Nokia Labs however quickly posted that there was in mistake in the configuration in the current package, saying:

Note !

Due to a configuration mistake, the current package is set to record videos at 25 FPS, not at 30 FPS.
We are really sorry about this mistake and are working hard to address it. We  will update the package very soon with the 30fps functionality enabled,
please stay tuned for the update.

This update is currently available for Nokia N8 with Symbian Anna.  You can head on to Nokia BETA Labs and download the update.



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