Nokia E66 & E71 Gets Another Firmware Update: v210.21.007/v210.21.06

Posted: March 18, 2009 in Mobile Phones, Tech News
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Nokia E66 Firmware v.210.21.007

Nokia E66 Firmware v.210.21.007


Nokia Software Update has released yet another firmware versions for my beloved E71 and E66. I have just upgraded my E66 to the latest firmware. All is fine… 🙂

My E66 now shows: 210.21.007  27-02-2009  RM-343  Nokia E66-1(16)

For those of you who are asking: Is still still hackable?!?

The answer is a big……. YES!!

Although the latest HelloOX v1.03 will not work, the older version 1.02 works!! At least on all my chosen applications for my phones 🙂

Will update this post as soon as I find out the complete change log. For the meantime I have found these new changes:

1. Flashlite 3.0

2. Real Player S60 31.03.01

3. Nokia Maps 2.0 Wk39 B04

Changes/improvements made to E66 & E71 SW version 210.21.007/006

* Support for Searching Hungarian Double Consonants, from Easy Dial and Phonebook
* Reserved Homescreen Plug-in UIDs can now be given to partners

* Stability and functionality improvements

 * Compliance with FM Radio band requirements for MEA/Tunisia

* Minor stability improvements

* Remote Denial of Service vulnerability fixed.
* Stability improvement in MMS.

* Minor stability improvements

* Stability and Minor Functionality improvement

* New DCC files – Functionality improvement

FS contacts
* Stability and functionality improvement

Share Online
* Minor improvements in functionality.

  1. Crazy Hornet says:

    I’m having problems with camera after this update, camera now has noise stripes and also images taken with camera, didn’t have this issue with older 200.21.118.
    I regret that i updated my firmware, so I recommend to all to avoid this 210.21.007 update, it’s not worth sacrificing camera if your phone is working stable

  2. fulgeru says:

    hello, first, I’ll thank for posting;

    second, I want you to ask how the hell did you managed to pass “applaying patches…” because I can’t hack either with version 1.02 either with 1.03

    thanks in advance!

    P.S. I have 200.21.118 installed on my E66

  3. blinkthinks says:

    @Crazy Hornet
    Funny how you’re having problems with your camera with this firmware. I don’t have that problem on my camera.

    Here’s a couple of unadulterated shots from my Nokia E66 with this firmware:

    I honestly didn’t find any changes from the previous firmware. My Nokia E66 still shoots half decent pics 😀

    You need to have a certificate to sign the HelloOx 1.02 application. I just obtained one from the net and installed it in my phones’ memory cards.

  4. […] new changes: 1. Flashlite 3.0 2. Real Player S60 31.03.01 3. Nokia Maps 2.0 Wk39 B04 from here Nokia E66 & E71 Gets Another Firmware Update: v210.21.007/v210.21.06 BlinkThinks in Binaries __________________ Do you want to know about the latest gadget news ? Here you go […]

  5. fulgeru says:

    of course that I signed HelloOx with a certificate, otherwise It didn’t let me to install even to that point (applaying patches).

    But guess what, after a few tries, I MANAGED to hack with HelloOx 1.03 and I am so happy now! The program passed ” applaying patches… ” level and it finished the setup(s). Now it’s hacked and I can install everything and I am so happy 🙂

    I just hate that the bat. on E66 is only 1000 mAH, let’s say I don’t expect 1500 but around 1300…

    thanks for answering

    • blinkthinks says:

      I’m glad you were able to ‘patch’ it with HelloOX. The battery is enough for me. As long as it’s still juiced up at the end of the day, I’m fine with it. Of course, my E71’s batt is much much better 🙂

  6. liamko says:

    how to install helloOX 1.03 for new firmware E66 210.21.007 , install stop on applaying patches

  7. Ovidiu says:

    I have a Nokia E66 – i am from Romania.

    Just updated the firmware to 210.21.007
    Phone is working much faster , the camera in working even better.

    Hope i will pass my 2 days battery time.

  8. SodaLimon says:


    Does the helloOX version 1.03 provide system folder accessibility as well as being able to install unsigned apps?

    I mean, does it work for good, or just partial?

    Any help will be appreciated…

  9. marcio says:

    Hi I upgraded my nokia E66 and lost the language that pertendia How can I restore the language

    • blinkthinks says:

      Ola, Marcio! Did you by any chance tried to change your phone’s product code prior to the update? If you did, please make sure that the product code that you replaced with your original one should have the language (Portuguese?) that you need… You can always change your product code then do another upgrade 🙂

  10. Sam says:

    Pls i’ve try to hack my E66 but i cant pls someone should help me 4 helloox i dont know how to sign it. Thanks

  11. Young says:

    Can someone who downloaded E66 Device Firmware 210.21.007 send me the FW.
    I need to downgrade and Nokia no longer has this FW on their NSU website.
    thanks alot!

    You can send me email at

  12. Raymond says:

    My e66 i have tried all the hellox but dont wnrk

    • BlinkThinks says:

      HelloOx v2.11 works on my E66 with the latest firmware version, 510.21.009 (19-03-2011) RM-343, Make sure you also sign the HelloOx with your phones certificate. Otherwise it will not work.

  13. Trile says:

    i’ve got E71 and I have problem with camera. There are horisontal stripes whole over the screen. When I take a picture they are still there, and it’s very annoying.. -.-
    Can it be fixed somehow ?

    • BlinkThinks says:

      If it’s still under warranty, you can bring it to a Nokia Care Center. It could be a hardware issue either on the board or the camera ittself.

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