Nokia E72 = Nokia E63, an E71 for the mass-market

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Mobile Phones
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The Nokia E72 I previously posted (and the video deleted by request) is actually the Nokia E63. Definitely a lower version of the E71.

Nokia E63 Ruby

Nokia E63 Ruby


Nokia E63 Aquamarine

Nokia E63 Aquamarine

Here’s the Specs:

113 x 59 x 13-mm / 126g form factor, 320 x 240 pixel display, quad-band GSM / EDGE (Oh no! NO HSDPA), 660 minute talk / 432 hours standby, microSD memory slot (up to 32GB) with 110MB internal memory, 2 megapixel camera capable of QVGA video @ 15fps, Bluetooth (No AUTO FOCUS), 3.5-mm audio jack.  Plus, Nokia is throwing in a 1GB of Ovi file storage for free. Not bad!  🙂

This model does not have an infrared, as well as a front camera (understandably so). And instead of the metal frame used by the Nokia E71, this one will utilize a hard plastic – which would explain the more affordable cost of around €199.

Expect this new E-series model to come out before this year ends 🙂

  1. Looks great this cell…i want one.

  2. nas-oi says:

    Hey bro, from what i hear and read (gsmaren4) Nokia E63 is a 3G phone, so you have to fix your article. You can also see it from your E63 aquamarine picture above, it is a 3G signal!
    For the phone, it is a very disappointing products. It is not what i expect: to have a non hsdpa phone nowadays, and a cheap cover. Sad phone. I will much prefer its brother E71 even though i have to pay more but i get what i paid.

    • blinkthinks says:

      You’re correct. I’m just too lazy (and busy) to edit my post lately – or even add a new post (Like a mini review on my new E63). It has 3G just UMTS not HSDPA.

      Yes, I actually just got mine (Ruby Red) some 3 days ago. 🙂

      You may not believe it but the cover does not look cheap in reality at all 🙂 One thing for sure, it’s not a fingerprint magnet compared to the E71. I even like it’s feel better than my E71. The size is just about right. I don’t use much of HSDPA bercause I have WiFi at home and got unlimited access in most Hot Spots where my ISP is a major player (my plan comes with free unlimited) WiFi Access.. So basically, HSDPA is no biggie for me 🙂

      It’s a better replacement for my oldie E61i (which is dog-slow)….

      Merry Christmas to all! 🙂

      • mnastasi says:


        I think the e63 is a great device. I love it because of the 3.5 mm headset jack located on TOP of the device. It has everything that I need. I am looking for the product code of the unlocked LTA or NAM version (RM-449), so I can update to the latest SW version (mine is currently at 100.21.110. Have you updated your firmware?? Can you bring me a little help with this?

  3. nas-oi says:

    Merry Christmas too. But err how about the casing quality itself, i scared as my 6120c chromium lane which is easily broken (what it is called, easily open/break by hand). How about the battery, does it stand as long as the E71 battery? I’m currently thinking about buying one of this phone, so could you help compared it please, maybe making new thread. Thanx.

    • blinkthinks says:

      The casing is not that cheap looking. The feel of the phone generally is sturdy. The type of plastic used is a hard plastic which I believe would endure any hard bumps.

      Since I got the phone, I haven’t once charged it yet – that coming from the shop half-full. I have been using it heavily on WiFi, file transfers via cable (Nokia USB DATA Connectivity CA-101, which by the way, is not included in the package. So I used the one from my E71), and bluetooth. And so far I still got a couple more bars left 🙂

      I will post a review as soon as my hands are at least half empty. So far the best advise I could give you is to go to the nearest phone shop where the E63 is being sold. Have a feel of the phone. Buck for features – this phone is a steal! 🙂

      Thank you for your interest in my blog 🙂

  4. nas-oi says:

    How about E72, i heard it long time ago, but still not come out yet. From what i saw, the design is far away better then E71, with lighting on keypad.

    • blinkthinks says:

      The E72 is actually the E63 model as stated in this blog 🙂 Perhaps you meant the E75 with a QWERTY slider? So far, I have no news on it yet. But I am however eager to get me the upcoming N97 🙂

  5. nas-oi says:

    I do read your blog because i was searching for the mandarin language availability for e66, the nokia service centerS in here (jakarta, indonesia) are all get confused (hate them)when i brought my e66 to get a mandarin language and writing language. I do like cellphone technologies but sadly i cant get all the things i want because i have to manage my financial well. I’m currently finding a replacement for my old W810i (i use only 2 phone right now, e66 + w810i). It takes me long time to get a replacement because i hardly find a nokia product that has great battery life (so sad about my e66) and torch (SE LED torch light is very useful for me). So now there 2 candidates so far: E63 and E71.

  6. nas-oi says:

    Anyway keep your blog up to date, i like to read them, okay?

  7. nas-oi says:

    one more question, How about the E63 OS? Is it as stable as the E71? My E66 is so slow, but i love the design.

    • blinkthinks says:

      The software is very stable. And in my experience seems to be a little bit faster (responsive) than the e71 – or perhaps it’s because I have yet to load it with my favorite applications.

      The flashlight feature is interesting as well very useful in dark places.

      You wont be disappointed with the battery life 🙂

  8. nas87 says:

    Hm, if i am not wrong you have both phones, don’t you? So which one you prefer? The E63 or E71 exclude the GPS, camera and HSDPA? Because i’m really confuse to get one of these phones.

    I was nas-oi.

    • blinkthinks says:

      I would still prefer the E71 over the E63 – over all, the E71 is more business-like in appearance over the E63. I had to replace my E61i. When the E63 came out I immediately bought one. Not bad for US$260.00 (equivalent).

  9. nas87 says:

    Hm, i lived in jakarta where hsdpa and 3g would provide the same speed (hsdpa is not well developed, they locked the speed). The price? E63 equivalent to 330 us$ and e71 430 us$. So the gap is 100bugs. Comparing to the price, which one should i choose? Exclude gps, 3.2mpx af camera, and hsdpa because i already got that from e66. Where do you live anyway?

  10. Peter Maweu says:

    I am look for nokia phone equivalent to nokia e71

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