Nokia E71 Asian Product Codes

Posted: July 23, 2008 in Mobile Phones
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Ok. here’s a list of product codes for the Asian market:

Nokia E71 Asian product codes

Nokia E71 Asian product codes

7-digit code printed at the back of your Nokia phone

7-digit code printed at the back of your Nokia phone

What is a Nokia product code?

It’s a 7-digit code that identifies the firmware installed in your Nokia phone. It also defines the features and languages installed in it. Product codes are region dependent. Where you purchased your Nokia phone corresponds to the code it has.

Some Nokia enthusiasts will change the product code of their Nokia phones to alter their phone’s features. The most common reason is to “de-brand” a Phone company-issued phone, most of which have limited features compared to the retail ones.

Where can I find my Nokia product code?

It is usually printed on the sticker at the back of your phone when you take out its battery. Look for a 7-digit code just below your Nokia’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

How do you change the product code?

Screen-shot of Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

Screen-shot of Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

The most common program to change the product code is the Nemesis Service Suite, or NSS. The latest version of NSS has no problem detecting the E71. There are also some programs that can change the product code, diagnose and and even upgrade or downgrade the firmware of your Nokia phone. But these programs costs a lot and needs proprietary hardware to work with.

What happens if I change my product code?

You will lose your warranty. 😛

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  2. Magare says:

    Hey, You can change the code easy, but you need to wait for the firmware update to become available to flush the phone. Currently therea are no new firmware files for the E71. Great device BTW. Cheers!

  3. […] – bookmarked by 3 members originally found by gwabir on 2008-08-11 Nokia E71 Asian Product Codes – bookmarked by 3 members originally found by lucaszappa on […]

  4. lin says:

    is there a product code for Korea?
    if not which one of the product codes support korean?

  5. madel says:

    i need to change firmware E71-2 to E71-1 as i live in egypt not north america

    • blinkthinks says:



      As far as I know it’s not possible because of hardware limitation. the US version uses a different 3G frequency compared to the EMEA and APAC versions. I do not think you can flash it with a non-US version.

      Of course every one is welcome to contest. If it has already been done, please feel free to share 🙂

  6. Taher says:

    Dear Readers,
    I have a nokia E71 I wonder if I could have a persian (farsi) menu in it. Any clue will be appreciated. Regards, Taher.

    • blinkthinks says:


      Have you already checked if Farsi is in Menu> Settings> General> Personalization> Language?

      If not, you have to have a product code with Farsi supported language. I’m not familiar which specific product code but try the EMEA codes:
      0558790: RM-346 EURO F TURKEY GREY STEEL
      0561184: RM-346 EURO Y ISRAEL WHITE STEEL
      0561098: RM-346 EURO F TURKEY WHITE STEEL
      0559570: RM-346 EURO Y ISRAEL GREY STEEL

      Guys, if you have the specific code for Taher ‘s E71, kindly post. Thanks!

  7. Paul says:


    I’m not sure you’re right about the diffs between the -1 and -2 variants, as I have argued in this post:

    But if anyone has more verifiable info I’d be happy to hear it.


  8. ted says:


    what about e71-3 devices in australia? is it ok to flash it with the product code of apac found in this page, which i think is either e71-1 or e71-2.


    • blinkthinks says:

      E71-1 RM-346 = GSM 850/900/1800/1900; WCDMA 900/2100

      E71-2 RM-357 = GSM 850/900/1800/1900; WCDMA 850/1900

      E71-3 RM-407 = GSM 850/900/1800/1900; WCDMA 850/2100

      I am not sure if it’s ok to flash it with a non- E71 (3) firmware. The product codes posted here is for E-71-(1).

      • ted says:

        ok thanks, i havent found any apac code for e71-3.. i need to make my mobile read/write chinese like singapore phones. been searching for a while with no luck.
        please post if you have any…

      • nop leng says:

        i’m trying my best to search the code on sticker and explaination (RM-xxx…) what is short form ? Acronym , abreviation and explaining me about firmwares files (code and letter) step by step (like IMEI), all informations that involving to files because i’m trying to use flashing box (MT-box) for Nokia,

        thank advance

  9. Aaira says:

    I have E71-1 bought it in INDIA and I am using in us with at&t but i am not getting 3g service. I tried manually change but I am not getting signal. Please anybody can help me on this Issue? Thanks.

  10. HISHAM says:

    My Nokia E 71-1’s Code is 0568314, Doesn’t seem to be on your list. Can anyone tell me why one country would have more than one code?

    • blinkthinks says:

      One country would have more than one code specific for local networks.

      • hisham says:

        Thank you. I have been looking at this programme I came across (Nemesis Service Suite V and from what I can read, it says that it can change my Phone’s Code to one, let’s say, Canadian code. If so, will the UMTS bands change as well? Will I still have functionality of the two languages that came installed? Any guidance would help. thank you blinkthinks, or anyone else!


  11. hisham says:

    Hi, talking about the same phone – on a rebranding, will my HSPDA and UMTS bands change, to the new product code?

    Sorry if this is a restated question, was not sure if my last post went through. Thank you

  12. Andy Hsia says:

    Okay, for 3G questions, I recently ran into the same problem.

    I got a E71-1, which runs on WCDMA 900/2100. US 3G bands is 850/1900, so the E71-1 will not work. You need to get the E71-2 or -3. In other words, for 3G to work, you need to match the 3G bands in your country with you phone version.

    I am also curious about cross banding, which means flashing a E71-3 to a E71-1 code. This is becuase I want the chinese input capabilities for a E71-3 phone. Anyone has tried this and confirmed working, please let me know. Thanks.

  13. hisham says:

    andy, and if you put chinese onto an american phone, how are you going to type the chinese in when the keyboard does not have the be pe me?

    i found a carrier named fido that runs off the 2100, in canada.

    • Blaz says:

      >how are you going to type the chinese in when the keyboard does not have the be pe me?

      By replacing the keyboard (it’s just a rubber mat and the plastic keys, so it’s not very expensive). It’s not an easy job tho – let a service centre do it.

  14. Leo says:

    hey guys,just so you all know,you can still debrand/change language of the software of your e71,it doesnt matter which version,By using NSS nemesis suite.but you cannot change the 3g frequency,cuz it’s hardware related built in antenna.None you can do about it,unless you open it up and change the 3G frequency modulation chip,which of course,risky,and voiding your warranty.

  15. Patrick Sillah says:

    I have nokia E71-1 RM346 and the product code is 0572762, does anyone know which Region or country that is from?

    • BlinkThinks says:

      Hello! Yours is T-Mobile UK GB V2 (Grey Steele) – MR (0572762). The latest Firmware for your unit is 501.21.1


      • patrick says:

        Thanks mate for that info but I made an error and tried to flash it with PHOENIX but I later discovered that phoenix did not have that product code now I have tried to flash a dead phone but still that will not work because phoenix does not have it on its list. Do you know what I should do from here on. It just lights up to the white screen and after some time goes off no sound but just the vibration of the motor on start up.

  16. beast says:

    doce some one have a acces code for a E71-2 for panama, the phone was sent from the US, but can no one her unblock the phone

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